What is a Molato Marco??

A little bit about myself:
  • Yes, my name is Marco....and no, my last name isn't Polo! (I still meet people, who when they learn that my name is Marco, jump straight to 'Marco Polo!') It used to be realllllly annoying when I was growing up but now it doesn't bother me. I've never really had a 'nickname' but I have been called 'Meeko' when I was growing up. 
  • The 'Molato' part of my 'pen name' comes from my background. My dad is black and my mother is white (from Germany), so contrary to popular belief, I'm not hispanic/latino....at all, haha. Growing up in Texas and being named Marco made for a lot of 'mistaken identities' and awkward moments involving random people coming up to me and speaking spanish. Good times though!
  • I love my family! They are definitely the number one most important thing in my life!
  • Speaking of 'mistaken identities,' all of my life I've had people trying to figure out exactly 'what' I am...be it hispanic, half asian, Jamaican, Arab etc....Aside from me finding it all hilarious I've also been led to believe that if I were ever to commit a crime, any witnesses would have a difficult time describing me, haha.
  • I'm currently in Afghanistan. I'm a civilian contractor, so my job brought me here. This is my 4th 'deployment' overseas. (Afghanistan-2005 and Currently)(Iraq 2007-2009).
  • Whenever I am back in the states, I live in Austin, Texas, but I was raised in Killeen, Texas.
  • I was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany on January 12, 1984. So I'm 28 years old and a Capricorn.
  • German was my first language growing up.
  • I'm really proud of my german heritage. I really miss my Opa and Oma.
  • I have 2 younger brothers. I also have a niece that I just adore!
  • I played a lot of sports growing up, mainly basketball. I don't really play anymore though.
  • I'm a HUGE soccer fan, especially of the German National Team and the club Bayern Muenchen in the Bundesliga. Mia San Mia!
  • My choice in music and movies is very varied. (For Example) I'm sure I was the only non-korean kid in my neighborhood who would listen to Korean hip hop and also the only guy in my school who knew who Audrey Hepburn was. So yeah, I didn't have a lot of friends, haha.
  • I can't stand dumb/annoying/mean people.
  • Sometimes I can be a super nerd!
  • I'm 6'1 and between 180 and 200 pounds (depends on if I'm working out or not) and thankfully I have that body type where I couldn't get fat even if I tried, but at the same time it's hell trying to build muscle! Not cool....
  • I've owned a total of 4 cars in my life so far. Currently I have a Nissan 350z (that I'm trying to sell!) and a Chevrolet Camaro
  • I have various tattoos on my arms and chest....the products of immaturity and bad decisions, haha. I definitely plan to have what I have now covered up with something that's more 'me' and not of something that I think is 'cool' at the time. Lesson learned!
  • I used to have a total of 6 piercings when I was younger...and even as recently as last year I had at least 2. But now I don't have any or really wear any jewelry.
  • The only 'accessory'  I do wear on a daily basis is a rubber wrist 'bracelet' thingy that says "A Hand Up." "Inspired To Help." That's something I received a couple years ago for volunteering at my old elementary school.
  • I'm not an 'angry' person. I don't yell or scream. I just get annoyed and keep quiet. Another reason why I'm not very sociable. I've learned from being out here that life is too short for lies, hate, negativity etc etc, so I just like to laugh and be easy going and carefree! 
Soooo that's it! I hope you've enjoyed what is but a 'sampling' of my 'personal' wines.....or something. If you want to know more, just ask! Later!

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