Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Typical Day...@ Bagram Airfield Afghanistan

Hey ya'll!

Here are some random pictures of my room and some of the sights here at BAF. I still have all afternoon and evening to go until my day is over (oh, Happy May 1st everyone! A new month means that I'm that much closer to going back home...so it's a pretty exciting Tuesday for me, haha) but I decided to take a couple pictures this morning, as well as use some of the pictures I took last month and kind of 'paint a picture' as to how I see things each and every day that I'm here, as well as fill you in on my daily routine.

So whenever I'm not out on a 'mission' at a random camp/fob/cob/cop etc. I'm here at BAF (Bagram Airfield). Since this is our 'home base,' all of my belongings are here and I usually have time to take it easy. There is still work to do here from time to time (none of it being very time consuming at all), but for the most part there's not a whole lot going on.

Now, no matter what day it is (and without my Audrey Hepburn calendar I'd probably never know what day it was anyway, lol) I usually wake up and get my day started at about 0730.  Thankfully the building I live in is dedicated to all REF (Rapid Equipping Force (who I work for)) personnel, and we share this building with some U.S Army officers as well. With that, our building has bathrooms, showers and a laundry room, so we don't need to leave the building and walk somewhere just to shower, or do laundry etc (as I have to do once I'm on mission or during my previous deployments). So the living situation is pretty convenient and comfortable.


I do have to share my room with a co-worker....and I'm not a fan of that at all. As you'll see in the pictures, there isn't a whole lot of room for 2 people live comfortably. That, and if we're not out working on something, our room is really the only place where I can go to 'relax.' Soooo on days like today when there's nothing going on, I spend most of it in my room...with my co-worker. Now I'm a respectful guy...I don't say much...but having to deal with my 'roommate' bringing food into the room and  for the next 2 days the whole thing smells like chicken, or listening to him Skype with his 'girlfriend' and burp, fart, sneeze, cough etc day after day after day, it gets prettttttty annoying!

Anyway, back to my routine. I wake up at 0730, go and get cleaned up, brush my teeth and so on. As I exit the building I walk further into the 'compound' in which we are situated to a 'pull-up' bar. Prior to breakfast, every morning, I come to this bar and knock out some pull-ups...just to stretch and get the muscles a little loose (secretly I also do this so I can walk to chow (breakfast) looking a little buff, lol). I go and eat breakfast, which usually consists of the same thing every morning and head back to my room......aaaand that's it. If at any point during the day there's work to be done, we go and knock it out. If not, I'm in my room either reading or online. When 1700 (5pm) rolls around I'm off to the gym for about 2 hours (I have a pretty awesome workout/cardio routine that I've been following), then walk to evening chow (dinner), and then it's back to my room to shower and maybe watch a movie or work on this blog until I pass out (usually around 2200hrs (10pm)).

I apologize for the epic paragraphs, and I kinda rushed it at the end there so ya'll could quit reading, lol. Anyway, here are some pics!

 So this is my room.....the top bed (which is ridiculously squeaky) is mine and the top 2 shelves in the back there are for my things.....these rooms are really meant for one person...sharing it sucks!

 My only friend out here, my Mac, lol..and my Audrey Hepburn calendar helps me keep track of how many days I have left until I'm homeward bound!....and it provides me with the name of whatever holiday might be going on around the world on any particular day. Sweet!
 The shelves where I keep my Mac, iPad and iPhone on, lol, as well as some positive reading material, my hygiene bag, and my workout supplements and shakers

 The half of the closet that's mine. All those shirts that you've seen there I haven't worn yet. I've been sticking to the same ol' 5 black/grey shirts, and 3 pairs of blue jeans since I've arrived....pfft, who needs a fancy wardrobe? lol..
 The temperature this morning. Beautiful day!
 Ah, my old nemesis,  Mr. Pull-Up Bar. Before I go to breakfast and lunch, him and I do battle!
 Walking to chow on Disney Road. Not a whole lot going on.
 Pretty much what my breakfast looks like every morning. I always have one boiled egg, a cup of oatmeal with brown sugar, 3 turkey links and some kind of fruit....the biscuit was new...not sure if it's going to make the cut for tomorrow's breakfast
 The sign on the outside of our building.
 Some of the mountains that we're surrounded by.
 Afghan kids riding their bikes to who knows where just outside of the wire.
 One of the systems that we support.
 More mountains.
You guessed it...more mountains...we don't have these things in Texas, lol....


  1. Wow, that was interesting, I must admit I would go nuts being there... Lucky you have Audrey to talk to. :)

  2. You have very interesting stories. My husband's name is the same as yours. And he is with the USAF. So you are both Marco and both doing military stuffs :) He's been to Afghanistan several times already. We are currently stationed here in Europe. Looking forward to know more of your adventures and you take care over there!