Monday, April 30, 2012

COP Margah pt 1

Ah yes, COP Margah, where my adventures in Afghanistan really began! Some quick background information about this video: First, notice the facial hair. For whatever reason whenever I find myself in either Iraq or Afghanistan I tend to go 'local' with my facial hair....and with this particular mission lasting a total of 5 weeks, I looked like one tough, badass (or some homeless guy....or a 'little terrorist' as one soldier called me who thought I wasn't American)..either way, try not to be mesmerized by it all. And I say 'all' because normally I'm pretty clean shaven....and am I really talking about facial hair in this post????


Just getting to COP Margah was an adventure in and of itself (I'll post a video about that sometime later). We were treated really well by the soldiers who were there once we got on the ground. I got to witness an IDF attack (Indirect Fire), watch the U.S and A.N.A go on patrol, live fire exercises etc. It was a really awesome experience for my first mission on this particular 'deployment'  and I wish all the guys there (not one woman was was weird...and hilarious! Because whenever a woman would show up on tv while we were all eating chow, everyone would stop talking and stare at the tv until she was gone, lol....) god's speed in getting home safely!
Anyway, enjoy the video! 
Part 2 on my Margah mission should be up by the weekend, so look out for that!


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