Saturday, April 28, 2012

Molato Marco in........Japan!?! (OHAYO!)

So with this being my first official post, I figured I'd cheat a little bit and put up a video I made (which I was going to use for my YouTube channel, but that's still 'under construction' for the time being....) chronicling my trip to the top of the Tokyo Tower in wonderful, beautiful Japan! I was there in January of 2011 for work (I haven't been on an honest 'vacation' in a while, my job does keep me traveling though, so I guess that's good) and my brother, myself and a friend all decided to hit the town during the weekend when we weren't working/teaching. (This was my first time using iMovie on my MacBook Pro, so I apologize for some of the 'cheesiness' I'm sure you'll notice throughout the video, ahaha)

Side Notes: I've always wanted to visit Japan, so this was definitely something I was looking forward to and really enjoyed! The people are so friendly and polite! A couple of weeks after we left was when Typhoon Roke made landfall and Japan was also hit by a major earthquake. My prayers continue to be with the people who suffered through that devastation and those who were lost during that time.

Have any of you ever visited Japan or any other place that you've always wanted to go to? Have a favorite memory, moment or funny story to share? Let's hear it!

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