Monday, April 30, 2012

Molato Marco Presents: Spoken Word! Part 1

So since I'm still pretty new to this whole blog thing, I figured my first, official post would be something....well, a little different. One of the things that I like to do in my free time is write/perform 'spoken word' poetry. With the lackluster internet we have here in Afghanistan, and me having to share a room with a co-worker, finding the time to actually record myself 'performing' some of my works, and then uploading them on here is something that's going to require some time. So in the meantime I thought I'd just post one of my very first pieces for you all to enjoy!

If the eyes are the window to the soul, I was window-shopping

Soul searching
Left with no option

Closed curtain
My heart was a target

My soul, deep and dark as a tar-pit

Made for enduring heartbreaks and hardships

Until you smiled at me....

That was when the fire spark lit

My entire heart skipped
 and plummeted

And my stomach was feeling car sick
didn't think that it was love, just lust

And that my feelings would be brushed like dust under the carpet

That's how it started

Or it began
Not believing that you're the reason for being all I am
And now I think about my past, present and future

And how much time would have to pass to make my present my past so that you're present in my future

But I'm hesitant to make these feelings evident

Ever since I had my heart broke and I still have the bandage as evidence

But I believe that she's heaven sent

With a smile so bright, it can fully eclipse the sun's light

Some might think they can achieve it in one night

But it takes time

Sure it's easy to make rhymes

Talking about it, but I couldn't walk a straight line

Because I'm so intoxicated by her presence

And the mere fragrance of her essence
Not just her physical, but spiritual form

What seed was planted for this miracle to be born?
Just the thought of us being together, so ecstatically collaborated

Had me thinking that the love I used to know was just dramatically elaborated

But the love that she has for me is why my anatomy is animated

Meaning I nearly died
 but I'm clearly alive

The reason being that she's my reason for being

Not seeing the truth
 because love is blind and I needed the proof

I was glad to witness that my image of self

Went from rags to riches, no material wealth

Because the most you can spend on any woman is time

If I could go back and show that to any woman of mine

I'd be sure to capture that moment in time with my Kodak

And let the picture unfold.....

So what you all think? I apologize for the way it's laid out, it probably made for some difficult reading. I promise that when I have some quality 'alone time' I'll put an actual video up of me reciting this. Do any of you have an interesting hobby? Competed in any talent shows? Have some poetry to share? Let me know!

*sidenotes* For some reason, when I first started writing rhymes/poetry/whatever you want to call it, it all dealt with love and loss and had a real 'emo' feel to it (well to me at least). I found it odd because I've been single for years and years and this subject isn't something that my mind dwells on...I just find the topic to make for some interesting writing I guess....meh

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